Who I Am

I’m a thirty-something writer, struggler, and restless wanderer named Thomas Mark Zuniga – TMZ, if you will.

Or, if you won’t, Tom works too; that’s what most people call me.

I grew up near Philadelphia where family and belonging and life felt perfect. Like my own personal Eden.

Then I moved to Georgia at 12. And I learned of life beyond Eden.

A quiet kid only made quieter by acne and an 800-mile move from all he’d ever known, I endured bullying and isolation throughout middle school and high school. After graduating with an English degree from the University of Georgia in 2009, I despaired over my direction in life.

A year-and-a-half removed from academia while working the customer service desk at Kmart, I gambled on a cross-country move to southern California despite never having set foot west of the Mississippi.

My four years on the west coast changed my life. I climbed out of introverted isolation, joining a church, getting baptized, and embracing my not-so-hidden passion for writing and a very-much-hidden passion for youth involvement.

For the next several years, I worked with kids academically, recreationally, and therapeutically. I tutored kids of all ages at learning centers, a middle school, and various Starbucks and Panera locations. Beyond the academic school year, I worked at Christian summer camps in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

Changing course somewhat, I saddled a pack and worked with troubled youth in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and then I returned to indoor plumbing and air-conditioning as a tutor and mentor at a boarding school for teen boys in drug and alcohol recovery.

Today, I work as editor and cofounder of Your Other Brothers: a web community navigating faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Together.

Several years ago, I wrote my first book, Struggle Central: a chronicling of my struggles and the climb toward redemption.

A few years later, I wrote my second book, Running To: the story of my return to the East Coast by way of 48 states, 6 provinces, and 26,000 miles. For nine wondrous, arduous months, I lived on the road in search of home.

For the moment, I call home Asheville, North Carolina. Though I’m always prone to wander.

Feel free to contact me and follow me on social media. I’m glad you’re here, and I always enjoy connecting with readers and fellow wanderers.

It’s lonely but lovely out there; won’t you wander with me?