The Novel Chronicles – Episode 5

For episodes 1-4, go here. Then here. Then over here. And finally here. And congratulations, you just circumnavigated the globe of my website.

WAIT, before you click away from this post because it’s another one of my long-winded video-blogs from 2 years ago that I didn’t edit whatsoever — just hear me out.

Yes, I admit my unedited and new-to-vlogging self can quickly get stale like expired bread in a time machine. But this 14-minute monster episode is actually really good. And it’s because I spend most of it answering questions from viewers like you!

You might remember last episode I initiated a segment called “Ask the Chronicler” in which viewers from 2 years ago asked me questions about the novel. And then came this episode in which I started answering them.

Among the fantastic questions asked this episode:

  • What is the genre of my novel?
  • What is the age and gender of my protagonist?
  • Is there a Steve?

There — don’t you want to watch now? To see if there’s a Steve? And aren’t you so excited for episode 6??? Let’s waste no more time.

And just like last time, feel free to act like it’s 2009 and “ask the chronicler.” Maybe I’ll hop in the time machine with the expired bread and answer any questions.

  • MLYaksh

    I’m only left with one question… Who sent you the text message?

    • TMZ

      I honestly don’t remember. Oh well!