The Weekend WOW – 12/17/11

You look like you could use a little wowing in your life right now.

Here. Try a tasty sampling of my favorite internetual items of the week.

And I only used one teaspoon of sugar, if you can believe it!

+ WOW what an awesome new blog post: Bryan Allain’s “25 Reasons to Register for Killer Tribes Today.” Anyone want to lend (slash give) me a couple hundred bucks for a round-trip flight to Nashville?

+ WOW what an awesome old blog post: Jeff Goins’ “Why We Love Fairy Tales.” I first happened upon this post long before witnessing the magic of Once Upon a Time, which only makes my fervor for this show and this post all the more special now.

+ WOW what a Christmas music video: Casting Crowns’ heart-chilling / -melting performance of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” The lyrics come straight from a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem; it’s just brilliant. It’s my second favorite contemporary Christmas song; check out next weekend’s WOW for my favorite.

+ WOW what a Christmas prank: Jimmy Kimmel does it again. Please tell me you’ve already seen his Halloween prank of incrediblemazingness. Here now is the sequel, in which parents gave their dear sweet innocent children early Christmas presents, like half-eaten sandwiches and PONIES. Yeah, the parents who made their kids full-on cry are kinda awful. But otherwise, it’s comedy gold.

+ WOW what a random Google-image search: Since it’s the Christmas season, I searched for something festive this week. Here’s what “magical reindeer” yielded:

Magical Reindeer

Magical, indeed.

What’s in your Weekend/Christmas WOW? Share the Christmas spirit.

  • Elena

    Needed some “wowing” — terrific, Tom. Especially the “magical reindeer.” 🙂

  • In the Jimmy Kimmel Christmas gifts video I am suspicious of the kid who says “you stinking parents”. I feel as though they staged their video just to get on TV. Check it out again and see what you think.

    • TMZ

      Wow, didn’t catch that the first time. You’re probably right about their staging it.

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