The Weekend WOW – 12/3/11

And now, my quirky/inspiring favorites of the week from the wide wide world of Internet.

+ WOW what an awesome new blog post: Tyler Stanton’s “A Beginner’s Guide to Helping Someone Move.” This post reminds me why I’ve felt awful about not being able to help my roommates move into our new place the past two years, and yet it simultaneously hilariously reminds me why I’m probably better off because of it.

+ WOW what an awesome old blog post: Jon Acuff’s “The Perfect Formula for God” via Stuff Christians Like. For as funny as Acuff can be on his hilarious SCL website, he can also pack quite the serious punch, and this post about putting God into a formula just might be one my most favorite posts he’s ever written.

+ WOW what a Christian music video: A CCM radio station recently recruited several well-known Christian artists to help sing all the parts of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Quite the colorful arrangement and a stark reminder of what happens when you gather this many Christians to do goofy things together. Naturally, Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall is my favorite with his gangsta 8 maids-a-milkin’, though Tenth Avenue North also brings the pizzazz with their 11 pipers piping.

+ WOW what an Amazing Race audition video: Featuring my roommates here in southern California. Obviously I’m a bit biased, but really, watch this video and tell me you wouldn’t want to watch these two drag alpacas around the Andes.

+ WOW what a random Google-image search: This week’s totally random search from my totally random brain was “old lady dog.” And the result:

Old lady dogHow about you guys? What’s in your Weekend WOW? Share with me your quirky/inspiring internet findings and I shall be ever grateful.

  • dude. I hope your roommates get to go!

    • TMZ

      Me too! Would be suh-weet.