Like Everyone Else

ROCKHARBOR logoContinuing a trend started a month or two back, I blogged for my church’s website this week. We’re currently going through a series on the Bible. Well, not just “the Bible,” vaguely speaking. That’d be like saying we’re learning about God. And Jesus. Oh, and words too.

Our series is called “The Story of God,” and it’s incredibly cool to see how ancient stories steeped in Exodus and Judges clearly carry over into the New Testament. Still carry into today.

This week’s sermon focused on when the Israelites cried out to Samuel for a king, so they could be just like all the other nations. And, well, it’s just sad.

Give it a read here and let me know what you think in the comments.

How do you act like everyone else? How do you distance yourself from the crowd? I love how someone commented on the RockHarbor website: “I wonder how much time we spend asking God for that which he’s already provided.” What if the “king” you’re asking for in life is already in your reach?