The Weekend WOW – 1/13/12


I feel like this phenomenon happens every month now. I just remember it feeling much rarer/spookier when I was a kid.

Anywho, it’s time to WOW you for the first time in 2012. But first, let’s start out with some fond remembrances of 2011.

+ WOW what a top blog post from 2011: “Dear Church,” Ben Reed’s third most popular blog post of 2011. Revealing and sobering, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel some of those thoughts myself at one point or another.

+ WOW what another top blog post from 2011: “Jesus and the Devil: Fantasy Draft,” Tyler Tarver’s second most popular post of 2011. Love this dude’s sense of humor: “Chill the home out.” Hahahahahaha.

+ WOW what a Christian music video: Casting Crowns’s “Just Another Birthday,” a song off their latest Come to the Well album. Just a beautifully shot video — a song, a story wonderfully crafted and told.

+ WOW what a funny video: Tripp and Tyler, the Catalyst guys, garnered millions of views in mere days for this sensational minute of humorous hilarity. Mmmm…Captain D’s.

+ WOW what a random Google-image search: After searching “Friday the 13th,” I scrolled past dozens of Jasons and came across this lovely display.

Friday the 13th

There’s probably a rotting corpse nestled beneath the petals of these daisies. Are these daisies? Who cares.

What was your favorite internetual item of 2011? Got any early faves for 2012?

  • Well this is kind of old but I linked this video to the word girth on my blog (it was dark purple… so I changed it to brown to people could see the link.)

    I LOVE brian regan.

    • TMZ

      “3 girth units!” Hilarious. I love that word. Girth, girth, girth.

  • Thanks for the link love, TM!

    • TMZ

      You got it!