TMZ RETURNS & One Word 365

Oh hey there, TMZ’ers. Remember how I called you that once long ago? I didn’t like it then, and I still don’t like it now. But like picking a scab though it’s wiser to leave it alone and let it heal, I recycle the silly term and immediately regret doing so. Blast.

So anyway, TMZ’ers, it’s been a while! I’ve been hopping around the east coast for several weeks, enjoying precious time with family and friends.


I hope y’all enjoyed my Westward Ho videos and some recycled Facebook posts over the holiday days. It was basically like I was still with you on Christmas morning, right? Or at least like the grandpa who sleeps on the couch through present-opening.

Now that I’m back on the west coast until the summer, I should bounce back into my usual five-to-six posts per week rhythm. And I’ll talk about some significant life-updates this Wednesday for a second straight Wednesday of the wandering variety.

Look: italics, y’all.

This type of post probably comes a week later than 99.4% of Blogging World, but alas. Better late than nonexistent.

One of my favorite bloggers, Alece, is promoting a nifty, blogtastic idea called One Word 365, an alternative for stereotypical resolutions that I always stink at keeping.

Why would I — why should youchoose one word to christen the upcoming year rather than craft a traditional, bulleted list of resolutions? I’ll let Alece explain for me.

Because that is easy to remember. All 365 days of the year. It becomes the filter through which you see and live your life. It steers your decisions and guides your steps.

When I gave this notion the go, countless words crashed into me like bugs on a windshield. My one word had to be good. Unpredictable. Unique.

Alece selected choose as her one word for 2012.

Another favorite blogger o’ mine, Jeff Goins, picked start.

And what is my one word for 2012, you ask? It was hard. Hard finding it; hard letting it find me.

Maybe a word popped right into your head. Maybe you need to let the idea percolate a bit longer. Either way, more often than not, your word finds you. You’ll probably have a love/hate relationship with it. That’s okay. If it doesn’t scare you at least a little, it’s probably not the right word.

Since 2012 dawned, several intriguing possibilities have crashed into my windshield.






But alas, nothing gripped me — or as Alece put it, “scared me at least a little.”

Until eventually I realized all those bug-splat words could be smeared into one single definite resounding word. And since I’m a sucker for song connections, I’ll let Casting Crowns sing it for you.

My one word for 2012 is courageous.

I want to branch out from tutoring and substitute-teach this spring.

I want to impact precious kids for Christ this summer.

I want to leap boldly into the unknown this fall.

I want to finish my novel and publish it. Finally.

I want to have hope for my life. That God indeed knows what He’s doing.

I want to live this entire year courageously.

Because, as Casting Crowns so boldly puts it, I was made to be courageous. Why am I far too often not courageous? Why do I give in to a spirit of fear instead of power and love and a sound mind?

I’ve long struggled with boldness, a Struggle Sunday post surely coming soon to an internet near you. I just want this year to be a bold year.

A courageous year — my courageousest yet.

This week’s Wandering Wednesday video-blog will further explain my one word. Until then, I’ll let courageous ruminate in written form.

Now it’s your turn.

Have you committed one word for 2012? Have any resolutions to share? I wanna know them, wanna strive and grow with you this upcoming year.

Courageous hand

Be bold; be courageous. All year long.

  • Elena

    What a wonderful blog post and idea! I love the idea of ONE WORD for the entire year, one to christen this new year and live by. At first, I thought my word is THE WORD, which I hope I always live by, but if I had to choose another word (tough one for us wordsmiths, isn’t it, with such a wealth of words to choose from?) I would say it is this: WOW. I want to be “wowed” by life this year, be totally amazed by God’s goodness and in awe of his blessings in my life and miracles He shows us each day. Yup. My word is WOW.

    • TMZ

      WOW is a good word! Short and to the point and, well, WOW-tastic. You’re right though, so many fantastic words to choose from. Hoping we’re all wowed by God’s goodness this year!

  • I love the idea- I hate it when people make resolutions and then give up. I think this might be a better plan for a majority of the world.

    Anyway, my word would have to be Surrender. Right now, I’m facing a different type of surrender- not planning. Yeah, that’s usually a statement from laziness or no motiviation or immaturity. However, it really is how God is working in me right now. You see, I’ve always planned my life- I began researching colleges when I was 12. I looked at apartments around grad schools I liked as a freshman in college. Not much has changed.

    So, naturally, as I started grad school I had my next few years planned. Then God changed all that by calling me a different direction. While that was in and of itself a struggle, I surrendered. And then I started my planning again. I kept praying for guidance but God wasn’t talking much. I grew frustrated and discouraged and beggan questioning my calling. Finally, God answer- but not how I expected. He simply told me to wait. Wait. No moving, no big planning- just waiting for Him to move me. Right…

    I wrestled with this a bit but I could see that it really was a problem, my extreme planning. I had to give it up to God. So currently, I have no real “plans” other than to keep serving in Athens in whatever way God provides before He leads me elsewhere. No idea where I’ll live, what I’ll do, who will be there, how long- I’ve surrendered it all.

    So I enter 2012 and Surrender it all.

    • TMZ

      Surrender is always a great word to live by. I like to plan ahead too and am already freaking out a bit about what lies down the road 8 months from now. But I know I just need a strong dose of surrender there.

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