The Novel Chronicles – Episode 6

I’m on a bit of a blogging lag thanks to a phenomenal week-long venture to Seattle, and you’ll see the fruits of my (non-)labor soon enough in several Wandering Wednesdays to come. Unfortunately, the first of said WW videos will not be happening today.

But FORTUNATELY, I’ve got another kind of video just for you! And this Novel Chronicle is especially special because it’s the only one I ever filmed beyond the confines of my award-ridden bedroom walls. For Episode 6 on that sunny (or cloudy) September day in 2009, I went to the park by my house where much of my novel was conceived.

Yes, the very same park where I wandered in Wandering Wednesday #6.

See how everything just came full circle? Man, I’m good.

White Stone


So here you go guys. Get ready for The Novel Chronicles, Episode 6: Journey to the Swamp.

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve ever done with a swampy backdrop?

  • -The only thing I’ve never done with a swampy backdrop is nothing. 
    -I’ve never been to a swamp.  I hate swamps.  <– That sentence really sums up the word "ignorance."
    -You and Craven should have a vlog-off.
    -Can't wait to check out that novel.

    • TMZ

      Would love to vlog-off with Craven. I’d lose handily, but it’d be the most rewarding loss of my life.