Introducing: Wordy Thursday

I’m a writer; I write words. I work with words as a potter shapes clay, or insert another less cliche analogy here.

Some might call me a wordsmith.

Most won’t. But that doesn’t negate the “wordsmith” in the subtitle of my blog — along with “wandering” and “a.”

As a wordsmith, I’m prone to make up words from time to time. But it’s totally cool, because I have an English degree and thus am authorized to do with the English language whatever I please.

And they say you can’t do anything with an English degree. BLARFMUFFINS.

Since everyone loves weekly segments, I’m starting a new thingermabopper called Wordy Thursday, a collection of words I’ve crafted from the clay.

I know, I know — Wordy Wednesday would be perfect alliteration, but I’ve already got Wandering Wednesday and its distant cousin, Pondering Wednesday.

Wednesday’s got enough going on while poor Thursday rots in obscurity. Plus, there’s some pretty sweet assonance, consonance, and slant rhyme rockin’ with Wordy Thursday.

Like I said, I’m officially licensed with the English language. It’s okay.

Today’s inaugural Wordy Thursday word will refer back to the gem of a clay pot of a word that I employed near the beginning of this post:

BLARFMUFFINS  \  BLARF-muf-finz  \  noun, pl.

1. An exclamatory equivalent to “nonsense!” or “hogwash!” The only word in the English language written in all-caps.

I now give you permission to exclaim BLARFMUFFINS whenever someone says you can’t accomplish your dreams or chug that bowl of cinnamon, or both. Exclaim it loud and proud, and just give me the credit when the cinnamon engulfs your eye sockets.

Until the next wondertastic Wordy Thursday, this is your wandering wordsmith signing out.

Get it? Signing out? Cuz I love words and writing and that’s my craft and stuff.

Never mind.

  • I’m pretty sure this will be my second favorite weekly segment, right after Struggle Sunday (which I’ve really missed, bee-tee-dubbs). I indeed will scream BLARFMUFFINS sometime soon- I’ve already added it as a word to my Google Chrome account. I just have to wait for the right opportunity to arise… 

    • TMZ

      Glad you approve!

      And even though my recent POTSC post occurred on a Monday, I sorta consider that as my latest Struggle Sunday styled post. Will try posting one on an actual Sunday before too long though.

  • Rebecka

    If someone tells you BLARFMUFFINS isn’t a real word, do you exclaim BLARFMUFFINS? (Just wanted to see if I understood)

    • TMZ


      • Rebecka

        I thought so. I will use the word from now on, the only problem is I don’t live in an English speaking country…

  • Kirin

    Tom!! There is one other word in the English language that is written in all caps….

    • TMZ


      I am…imperfect.

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