Spirit Fall

ROCKHARBOR LogoThis week I got to blog a sermon recap for my church, ROCKHARBOR Fullerton. We’re currently doing a series through the entire Bible, “The Story of God,” and this week we landed in Acts. Here’s a snippet of my post! Click the RHF link at the end to read its entirety.

During my first year of college I attended a charismatic church service with some friends. Certainly one of the more unique and memorable services I’ve ever witnessed. People were dancing, painting, and doing otherwise un-churchy things. Then people started sharing testimonies about how the Spirit had moved in their lives, and that’s when it got really weird.

One of the testimonies involved someone sitting in his car, wrestling with a major decision, when he claimed to hear a booming voice in his speakers which him what to do. A literal voice from God. At the time, I’m sure my logical freshman self raised both eyebrows at this claim. Years later, at least one of my eyebrows is still probably raised right now.

I’ve never heard audible voices from God in my car’s speakers—something which would be especially dramatic today since all of my car speakers are currently blown. I’ve never seen miraculous signs in the sky or experienced unexplainable healing.

I don’t discount the Spirit’s ability to move in unconventional ways. The disciples’ ability to speak in tongues or their ability to heal others—I believe supernatural stuff like that has happened, does happen, and will continue to happen. Believe it so much that I’ve even written a novel where some extreme Spirit-led events happen to three young people. But happen to me?

You can catch the rest of my post here.

How has the Spirit moved in your life?

  • blessed are those who have not seen, yet still believe…

  • Mlyaksh

    I, like you, find God using His gentler voice with me. He has not always been soft- while my car speakers only play what I tel them to, I still have heard God speak in clearer and less subtle ways. However, I find that happens more when I am ignoring Him and He is really trying to get my attention. So for me, I try to listen for the gentle prodding before looking to the sky for writing.

    However, He speaks, God will speak to you if you will listen. And that’s one of my favorite things about the Holy Spirit- He’s always at work!

    • TMZ

       For sure man. I actually have a side-tangent sequel to this post that involve God speaking and my car speakers. Will have to jump on that soon.