Wandering Wednesday #9 – Portland, OR

There are certain things that intrinsically define a city. For Philadelphia, it’s the cheesesteak. For the entire South, it’s a giant pitcher of sweet tea and fried WHATEVER YOU WANT.

And for Portland, Oregon, apparently it is doughnuts. Lots and lots of doughnuts. But not just any doughnuts, mind you. Magical ones that come in pink boxes. Multi-layered doughnuts that can clog your arteries 14 times faster than any normal nut of dough.

Here now is my ninth Wandering Wednesday video-blog adventure, filmed during my epic road trip to Seattle last month. As I explain in the video, there was more to this city than just doughnuts.

But mostly, there were doughnuts.

If you could have the most perfect doughnut in the world, what would adorn its surface?

  • Elena

    Doughnuts the rage of Portland! Who knew? Your video made me hungry! 🙂

  • Elena

    PS: In answer to your question — an angel with lots of sprinkles on its wings and halo!

    • TMZ

      Sounds “heavenly.”

      I’m hungry too now.

  • I haven’t been to Voodoo yet because my roommates told me if I wanted to look l like a local I should go to this other little shop…

    If you ever come back to Portland, I’ll take you to this place that I (and the owner) like to call Tonalli’s Doughnuts.

    I hope you went to some food carts while you were here. Potato Champion definitely lives up to its name.

    • TMZ

      It really is a crime that you moved to Portland mere weeks after my visit there.

      A CRIME.

  • I love doughnuts, but rarely eat them. They should create a doughnut that has chocolate icing on top and peanut butter infused inside of it. This probably already exists but I’ve never had it. But I want it. Just saying.

    • TMZ

      Pretty sure I ate some variety of that at Voodoo. They basically have every kind of doughnut you can imagine. Even bacon maple, if you’re into the truly ridiculous / artery-cloggage.

      • Sweet. I saw an episode of Man vs. Food where Adam went to VooDoo. Looks cool…but weird. lol