The FRITZ – Piggy McPig Rolls Into Town

It’s The FRITZ, my weekly rapid-fire reality recap blog. For fellow lovers of Survivor and The Amazing Race, rejoice. For haters of all things non-scripted…step slowly from your screen. Uh, but please come back again soon. Like, seriously, don’t leave me forever because of this.

Race LogoThe Amazing Race

This week’s episode can be summed up by a single repetitive Bollywood task and dance and GOOD GOSH THAT SONG. The producers loved that “hey yah hey yah yah” song so much they even included it in the end credits. As if we didn’t hear the ditty enough from everyone’s failed attempts at completing the dance correctly.

Before teams could race from Tanzania to India, though, we needed more focus on Art/JJ’s brooding. You see, last week they successfully u-turned their arch enemies, Brendon/Rachel, but alas, Rachel/Dave were supposed to u-turn those evil green people from another CBS reality show. The nerve.

Bopper’s ankle was another focus this episode, since he’d twisted it in Tanzania last week. As a result, Mark had to do the “hey yah hey yah yah” dance task. And did it 12 times, he did. Give that man some credit. I’d have given up after the third try, if only for the irreparable damage to my eardrums.

In the end, however, Mark/Bopper survived elimination yet again with a non-Philimination at the mat. These guys still remain my far and away favorites of the season, so I hope they can pull out another miracle and survive the speed bump next week. If not, I suppose I’ll start cheering more ardently for that evil green team.

Survivor LogoSurvivor: One World

This week’s episode is brought to you by one word — nay, one person.


Kim wins reward. Kim wins immunity. Kim tells everyone what to do and they do it without asking any questions.

Kim is basically a far more likeable character than Boston Rob. In a way it’s brilliant to watch her dominance; in another, it’s terribly boring.

It was eye-widening to finally witness a chink in Kim’s armor, though, when she invited Alicia and Chelsea on the picnic reward, leaving a sulking Kat back at camp. Leave it to Kim though to corner Kat afterward and talk some sense into —


In a season that grows increasingly dull and predictable by the week, I loved loved loved the random entrance of Piggy McPig. It’s as if the producers realized this season was quickly boarding the Boring Express, so they decided to shove a pig into camp and film the reaction.

Giggles and rope. And the pig survived! He was even reclining by the fire when the castaways returned from their immunity challenge. Pretty much sums up how there are 6 women and 2 men left in the game; flip the gender ratio, and I’m fairly certain Piggy McPig would’ve been on spits in the fire rather than reclined on a grassy cot beside it.

Kat fussed and fumed that she didn’t want people to think she was just following Kim this whole game, and yet in the end decided to….follow Kim, and Troyzan was finally voted out.

Give credit to Kim once again, but how I hope Sabrina or Kat or everyone’s least favorite wretched awful person Christina can flip the script on this season!

Thank goodness for Piggy McPig.

What would you have done if a giant pig just strolled into your Survivor camp? Kill it or chase it until you succumbed to dizzy giggles? On a scale of 1 to Pearl Harbor, how heinous was it that Rachel/Dave didn’t u-turn Team Big Brother?

  • Mlyaksh

    I’ll be honest, I couldn’t’ve killed the pig- but I would have helped catch it so someone else could kill it. Then I’d cook it and eat it. Pork is pretty delicious. A pet pig is just a waste of bacon.