Twenty-Five Turning

What’s been your most memorable birthday? Least memorable? TELL ME A STORY.

Phew, crisis averted.


Please don’t hate this post; I’m getting baptized tonight.


At least far more memorable than 23 or 2.

All things considered, turning 25 is sure to be memorable for decades to come.

Well, as much fun as one can have with one’s parents.

My folks are flying into town for the occasion, so that’ll be fun times.

That’s kinda cool.

I’m getting baptized tonight, in case you didn’t hear.

25 is significant-ish, right?

It’s sure to be quite memorable, beyond the significant-ish number.

Today I am 25.

Where was I?



Yes, another one.

This week will be an off week for my blog, though, since my parents are flying into town and I’m taking a vacation this week.

I put a lot into this blog.

I hope people don’t think I just slap all my posts together at the last second.

I’ll give you that.

Okay, yes, there was that whole ducks having sex thing.

Slap together last-minute posts.

I actually never do that.

Not sure if anyone will pick up on this, or if it’ll just seem like any other watered down, last-minute post I slap together.

To celebrate my birthday today, I think I’m gonna spontaneously write this post in backwards order, starting with the questions.

  • Well played. Enjoyed the post going backwards on me. Happy Birthday Tom! Congrats on the baptism tonight, and get ready for the old joke of the more you have sinned the longer you get held under water.

    • TMZ

      Thanks Joe! Don’t recall being held under THAT long, so guess I’m doing okay!

  • Mlyaksh


    Memorable b-day: 19 when I totaled my car by running into and under the back of a giant moving van.

    Least memorable: 14 and 15- still can’t remember what I did to celebrate…

    • TMZ

      I should’ve clarified “memorable” for non-horrific reasons…

      • Mlyaksh

        Oops, my bad… Um, my 16th was fun.

  • Least memorable: 21st.
    Most memorable: 5th, because I got a scooter with racing stripes. I knew that day that it would never be topped.

    • TMZ

       Scooter with racing stripes…it really is all downhill from there.