Wordy Thursday: sketch

sketch \ SKECH \ adj.

1. Characterized by a sense of oddness and, more aptly, mortal danger.


As in: We pulled into the suburban Philadelphia Walmart parking lot on Christmas Eve in hopes of purchasing some last-minute Christmas nick-nacks, but upon realizing said store was closed, we were greeted instead by a hodgepodge of sketch characters selling jewelry and wigs out of their trunks. The entire night scene was undeniably sketch.

Synonyms: freaky, creepy, sketchy

Antonyms: warm, welcoming, unsketch (as in: The scent of my grandmother’s oatmeal raisin cookies baking in the kitchen sent unsketch tendrils through my soul.)

– The Wandering Wordsmith

  • Mlyaksh

    Oh how familiar I am with this word. Grew up in a sketch area in Gwinnett county, GA, and now live in a sketch area of Athens northside after living in sketch area of Athens westside last year. Yay for sketchiness!

  • Awesome.
    Another synonym is “dodgy”, which I hear the Brits use. I like the Brits, and I like this word. So, needless to say, I overuse the heck out of “dodgy.”

    • TMZ

      Dodgy. Nice. I like it. I need to listen to the Brits more myself. Pretty sure I could fall asleep listening to the way words practically LEAP off their tongues.