The Silly + the Serious of “Community” = This Blog?

Community CastCommunity is the greatest comedy on television. Its seamless transition from the silly to the serious is a sort of inspiration for my very blog.

Watching Troy and Abed in the dreamatorium immediately followed by a sincere evaluation of their friendship reminds me of how I like to write about ducks (having sex) in my pool one day and getting baptized in a separate pool the next (surrounded by pirate paraphernalia, no less).

A recent Community episode hit me pretty hard. As of the posting of this blog, you can watch said episode online (“Origins of Vampire Mythology”) — until the Hulu overlords lock it behind barbed wire in the land of Hulu Plus.

Embedded below is the punch-hitting excerpt. It struck me because it encompasses everything I love about Community: the silly and the serious.

Here’s that same excerpt in written form if you prefer your words unspoken, or if you’re viewing this page after Hulu has taken this clip hostage. Take it away, Jeff Winger:

[Blade]’s basically irresistible to people for the same reason he can pretty much only work at a carnival. He has nothing to prove — or disprove — about himself or to himself. He has no shame…None of us have to go to anyone. And the idea we do is a mental illness we contracted from breath-mint commercials and Sandra Bullock. We can’t keep going to each other until we learn to go to ourselves. Stop making our hatred of ourselves someone else’s job and just stop hating ourselves.

Word. Watch this show; be changed forever.

Maybe having both a silly/serious dynamic makes my blog a tad broad or “unfocused,” but I hope I never stop basking in the silly while not losing sight of the serious.

Are you a Community fan? If not, are you finally gonna jump aboard the bandwagon and start watching the greatest comedy on television? Do you prefer my silly or my serious blogs?

  • I will agree Community is a great show, but I say that Parks and Rec is the best show right now.

    I enjoy both your silly and serious blogs, it lets us know the real you.

    • TMZ

      Parks & Rec is definitely hitting its prime after a mediocre first couple seasons. Definitely a close 2nd for me! And glad you enjoy both the silly and the serious sides of my internet niche.

  • MLYaksh

    I as well love Community- definitely a great show!

    I like both types of blogs you write, but I love serious blogs. While I love to laugh and make others laugh myself, there’s something about serious talks that I love. I can only joke around for so long before I need to have a serious talk with someone- it can be about anything. But I find I do better if I have those types of talks pretty often.¬†

    • TMZ

      I think healthy doses of both the silly and serious are necessary for our sanity. If it’s all silly, there’s no substance; if it’s all serious, it’s too weighty. It’s an interesting dynamic that I’ve been noticing more closely in my relationships. Gotta have solid amounts of both. Definitely.