I Don’t Have All the Answers: A Wandering Wednesday by Rob Shepherd

It’s Wandering Wednesday with a summertime twist, as I’m getting to feature some awesome guest-posters during my hectic camp-filled summer. Here’s a great one from one of my absolute favorites, Rob Shepherd. Be sure to follow Rob on Twitter @robshep and check out his hilariously transparently pseudo-pastoral-ish blog at robshep.com. If you’d like to guest for me this summer, check out this post and shoot me an email!

robshepMy life is like the following clip from the Office

As a pastor I’m supposed to know the way. I’m supposed to lead with confidence. The problem is sometimes I don’t know the way.

Have you ever been asked a question that the Bible doesn’t answer?

What happened to the dinosaurs?

Why do men have nips?

What’s the point of mosquitoes?

Why does a loving God tell Israel to kill every man, women, and child of a nation that they are taking over?

Those are real questions. Questions that make a lot of people wander from the faith.

I don’t have answers to every question. Sometimes I doubt. What keeps this pastor from leaving the faith?

Original sin.

According to the Bible we are born sinful. That makes sense to me. It’s why we’re so prone to wander. Our DNA is wired to be selfish. Nobody enjoys being fat and yet we can’t stop overeating. Nobody enjoys being stressed out by debt and yet we can’t stop spending. We are a broken people. We are addicted to destroying ourselves.

I don’t have all of the answers. The Bible doesn’t either. The Bible is not a text book to answer every question that we have. Instead it’s a love letter that points us to have faith. Faith in what we can’t see.

At the end of the day I want to follow God! The Bible helps redirect me when my life drives me into a lake of stupidity. It doesn’t answer every question but it points me Jesus. I’m need Jesus! More than I need answers I need Jesus.

What questions do you have that the Bible doesn’t answer? What helps draw you to God?