Eastward Ho! Introducing Denver, Starring Harrison Ford

As I transition from 24/7 camp-life to the “real world” again, I’m posting videos from my eastward trek across America last May. I’ve already posted about Las Vegas, and then again. Last time, I was in Utah where I admired rocks shaped like shoes and Mormon forts.

Up today comes my brief stop in Denver, a city I knew — and still know — absolutely nothing about. But aint nothing better than walking around an unknown city at 6am on a chilly Sunday morning! I did happen to learn that Harrison Ford inexplicably has a statue here.

You’ll just have to watch and agree with me for yourself.

C’mon, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn’t that bad…right?

  • MLYaksh

    No, it really was that bad… Especially if you went to the midnight premiere with high expectations. Ten dollars and three hours of sleep I’ll never get back…

    • TMZ

      I quite enjoyed 80% of that movie, which is more than I can say about most films I’m usually forced into watching.

  • Rebecka

    After saying I’d raise my duck family in Denver, I realized I knew absolutely nothing about the city. Now at least I know they have an awesome statue! (I won’t comment on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as I am still trying to erase it from my memory.)

    • TMZ

      Yeah, don’t think I’d raise my ducklings in Denver. But for all I know I totally missed out on all the hip, duck-friendly areas.

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