Eastward Ho! Milwaukee Dread

Last time on Eastward Ho, I lost approximately 8 years of my life lost in the boredom desert of Nebraska. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. In this episode, I reach the Nebraska/Iowa border and say hey to the city of Omaha.

And then I quickly skedaddle out of there, zooming across Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin en route to the city that changed my life last summer: Milwaukee. The city that would ultimately change my life all over again. I’ve already blogged about my drive into the city, and the second half of that post, regarding my actual stay in Milwaukee, will be posted this coming Monday.

Until then, if you’ve missed any of my previous EH chapters, check out this fancy bulleted list:

Now, onward to Milwaukee…

What’s an emotional place on this globe for you? Do you love going back there or do you dread it?

  • Jackson

    Hmm… Atlanta GA and Rome GA are places like that for me. They hold so many “fond” memories, especially since my life was shaken like a magnitude 9 earthquake in Rome. But they also were the start of a friendship or two that I cherish so much now. So, if I were traveling by myself through those places, I’d probably dread it. But if traveling through on an adventure with one of the two good friends I made there (or both of them) I’d LOVE it! I don’t know if that made ANY sense whatsoever…

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