Eastward Ho! Utah, Metah, Wealltah

For the next week or two I’m posting videos from my May eastward trek across America. I’ve already posted about my stay in Las Vegas, and then because there was so much absurd glitziness to absorb, I posted another Vegas video.

Alas, eventually I had to leave my sin behind in Sin City. That brought me to Utah — though not immediately, as you’ll see in this video. Utah was gorgeous, as you’ll also see. I only wish I’d have had time to stop at Zion National Park, since I’ve heard it’s spectacular.

Next time, Utah. Next time.

Ever visit a Mormon fort? Ever say that phrase 10 times fast?

  • MLYaksh

    Nope but I have had conversations with mormons. A fort would be more interesting. Though not as interesting as what I just sounded like trying to say “Mormon Fort” ten tomes fast- not pretty.

  • Rebecka

    I didn’t even know there were Mormon forts. These videos are very educational 🙂