The Weekend WOW Returns

Now that I’m “back” to blogging, I thought I’d start bringing back some of my occasional blogging segments from the past year. Sadly, The FRITZ shant be one of those things. I just don’t have the time to recap my reality darling, Survivor — because Lord knows I could wax poetic about this show all night long (especially when the increasingly rare GREAT season rolls around as it has this season).

Be on the lookout for those lovely Top-11 lists and some TMZ Reviews in the weeks to come. Oh, and definitely check out the return of The Weekend WOW.

BECAUSE IT’S RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Time to share a few of my favorite things not having to do with cream colored ponies or crisp apple strudels or Julie Andrews.

WOW what a YouTube video: If you grew up in the 90s, you love Hey Arnold! And if you don’t, perhaps we should part ways in these wandering waters. Major thumbs up if you get all the fantastic references in this live action version of the show. There was one scene in particular I kept waiting and waiting for — and then, the perfect ending. 

WOW what a blog post: A guest post from Laura Coulter’s blog, Known & Renowned, written by a guy I actually went to camp with this summer. It’s called “We Need Each Other: What Camp is All About,” and it’s brilliant. Speaks to my introverted soul on gut-punching levels.

WOW what an album: Brandon Heath’s Blue Mountain. It’s highly likely one of those aforementioned forthcoming TMZ Reviews will feature said incredible album. His track “In the Dust” is already one of my favorite songs ever.

WOW what a serialized novel: Max Dubinsky’s “Dislocated.” I actually interviewed Max about this project back in May, and I’ve enjoyed watching it beautifully come to fruition these last several weeks. The story and artwork is gripping, and it’s never too late to get dislocated!

WOW what a postseason: Just because my Phillies suffered massive kidney failure this season doesn’t mean I’ve not enjoyed baseball’s postseason. Usually these lame best-of-five divisional rounds go three and out without much punch, so for each of the four series to hit five games is completely riveting. Not to mention I also totally dug those high stakes wild card games. Sorry, Atlanta. Go O’s!

WOW what a topical Google image search: Inspired by the second worst day of my life, I give you, “i hate columbus day.”

I Hate Columbus Day

Clearly, Columbus hates Columbus Day too.

What WOWtacular event did I miss from the world this week? Do share.

  • MLYaksh

    I’m honestly sad to see The Fritz take a break. It was my only connection to live tv last year. I can watch live tv now, but I gotta say, I was looking forward to your reviews of Once Upon A Time and Survivor. *sigh* what will I do now?

    • TMZ

      With any luck I’ll be reviewing my favorite TV shows for an entertainment blog someday. Until then, sadness abounds.