TMZ’s Top-5 Posts of 2012: #1

Over the last few days I’ve been counting down my top-5 posts of 2012. From birthday baptisms to books I’ve never read, it’s been quite the adventure. Here’s a quick rundown of my last four top posts:

#5A Birthday Baptism by Buccaneer Bay

#4Lessons in California Driving

#3Why I’ve Never Been Baptized

#2TMZ’s Top-11 Books I’ve Never Read

But now the moment has finally arrived to reveal my top post of the year.

It wasn’t even close.

“Election Day: When Everything Changes But Probably Not” was only written last month, and yet it’s already acquired as many views as some of my top posts from last year. I suppose the timeliness of said post was a large determining factor.

It’s been my most shared post ever, and for that I am so grateful! Feel free to share it again if you’d like. This was how it began…

2012 Election

After the longest nastiest most expensive campaign in history, it’s finally Election Day. I know, right? It’s like hitting LOST finale day after six arduous years of mind-bending mysteries.

Forget the tropical polar bears; soon, this ultimate political mystery will be revealed. 

I long debated writing anything special for this occasion. I liken my non-discussion of politics to non-discussions of theology or salted meats.

Confrontation. I can’t stand heated arguments. Especially within the Church. Especially among Christian butchers.

I’d much rather slow-crawl down the 91 at 6pm than sit between two knuckleheads arguing over their preferred candidate or the legitimacy of various versions of the Bible.

Can’t handle confrontation and controversy.

Which brings me to this never-ending election that praise God will hopefully finally actually end tonight.

Regardless who wins the election tonight, half the country will be ticked their guy didn’t win. But not just ticked — pissed. Outraged. Whether we get a President Obama or a President Romney for the next four years, I’m pretty sure Twitter will break tonight.

There will be gripes and groans and giggles of glee from both sides. And in the meantime, adults and children alike will still go to bed hungry tonight. Many will sleep outside without heat or insulation. Financial ruin and emotional sorrow will still remain.


CLICK HERE to read my top post of 2012 in its entirety, and see who I voted for!


Happy New Year TMZ’ers! Let’s reconvene in 2013.

So excited. Big things coming…

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