The Weekend WOW: JJ Abrams and the Homeless Miracle

Throughout any given week, I strive to share exciting hilarious inspiring beautiful topical things on my Twitter. At the end of the week I like to condense the very best of Internetdom into a WOW-tastic post I like to call The Weekend WOW.

And it was quite the WOW-tastic week, indeed.

+ WOW what exciting news: JJ Abrams is officially directing Star Wars: Episode VII! Two months ago he explicitly stated he’d be watching the new trilogy from the theaters like everyone else, and now he’s actually directing the thing. I’m sure a sizable paycheck is at least partially responsible for the change of heart, but I really don’t care. I’m already salivating at the thought of what this series could look like in just 2 short years.

+ WOW what an inspiring blog post: My friend, Max Dubinsky, recently started a new blog. It’s called I Am Your Neighbor, with the premise being that your “neighbor” goes far beyond the person inhabiting the house/apartment/dorm next door. “Your neighbor isn’t the one you live next to, but the one you are next to.” Max’s post about John and Flora will be one of the greatest things you ever read. I never make those kinds of hyperbolic claims, so seriously, go read it. And believe in miracles once again.

+ WOW what a beautiful acoustic rendition: Casting Crowns recently released their first acoustic album. You might recall from my favorite songs list that “Who Am I” remains my very favorite of theirs. So I was delighted/overjoyed when Megan Garrett took the reigns for the acoustic version of this song. Needless to say, I’m in love.

+ WOW what a topical Google-image search: I’m sorry, but I just can’t contain my excitement. So I searched “jj abrams star wars” and found this little gem:

Star Wars JJ Abrams

Apparently, the Force isn’t strong with Mickey.

What say you? What was the best part of the Internet this week?

  • Rebecka

    Yes, definitely I Am Your Neighbor. It’s just… wow!

    • TMZ

      I know right?? So inspiring.