Wordy Thursday: epiK

epiK \ E-pick \ adj.

  1. An indescribably thrilling description for a particular experience, noteworthy for its kinky closing capital K
  2. Also, coincidentally, an acronym for the English Program in Korea (EPIKn.)

As in: The epiK World Series of 2008 featured a weather-delayed series-clinching Game 5 and the ultimate triumph of the historically depressing Philadelphia Phillies.

Or: The epiK EPIK experience would surely take Traveling Golden Trout to special new places.

Synonyms: grand, ambitious, blockbuster

Antonyms: bland, lackluster, borinG


If you’re new to wandering with me, I tend to create my own words. I’m a wordsmith; it happens. “Wordy Thursday” exists to document my own personal TMZ dictionary, as this entry provides just one of many self-created words I actually use on a regular basis.

People tell me having made-up words is either really cool or really sad. I agree with one of those.