Storyline: Why I’m Flying to Nashville and Why You Should Come Too!

Storyline Conference

Last week, I did something I’m not usually prone to doing. I made an impulse decision. Although, to be fair, it was an impulse decision preceded by a few weeks of legitimate pontificating: Should I eventually or should I immediately register for Donald Miller’s Storyline conference in Nashville?

After dwelling for years on “eventually,” I spontaneously made the shift to “immediately” on an unsuspecting Friday afternoon.

This October, I’m flying to Nashville. And I think you should come, too.

Storyline: The Allure

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Donald Miller’s. I practically referenced him on every other page in Struggle Central and gave him a shout-out in my acknowledgements, and I have a veritable tower of his books and a Blue Like Jazz DVD in my bedroom.

Miller’s book Through Painted Deserts partly inspired me to move west in 2010, and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years radically altered my outlook on life — helped me view this precious life as a story. Made me wholeheartedly consider whether I was living a great story.

Ever since hearing about Donald Miller’s Storyline conference (and the subsequent rave reviews), I knew I’d attend one someday. Knew it as inevitably as mentioning him a million times in a thousand of my future books’ pages.

How I’d amass a few hundred dollars to actually attend a Storyline conference, however, was a giant question mark I couldn’t quite unravel. Until now.

Storyline: The Way

Last month, Donald Miller posted a blog that may effectively alter my life as much as his books already have. The post was entitled, “What Happens When You Risk It All to Live By Faith?”

To start the post, Miller described some of his personal hopes/dreams (including a tree-house YES a tree-house), especially as they relate to his Storyline conference. Eventually, he wanted to give away his conference for free.

But then he heard a voice. Heard God tell him to give it away.

Give it away now. Go against convention and let people attend Storyline for whatever price they could afford.

So that’s what he did. He provided a registration link to attend his next Storyline conference at whatever price one could afford.

And that’s when I started doing what Donald Miller has long inspired me to do.

I started dreaming again.

Storyline: The Destiny

As soon as I read Donald Miller’s blog that day, I posted a link to Twitter and Facebook, excited out of my brain.

(“Excited out of my brain” = a nonsensical hyperbole.)

That I live in southern California and the next Storyline conference would take place in Nashville still posed a bit of a financial issue. I could attend Storyline for technically free, but would Donald Miller also cover my round-trip flight from LAX to Nashville? Probably not.

I haven’t been in the greatest financial situation over the last 9 months, but it’s been steadily improving. After a few months of lingering questions, my summer should be financially solid with a high school tutoring gig, and honestly, wouldn’t a mere $300 plane ticket be more than worth it? Learning about life and story from my greatest literary hero and connecting with other fellow dreamers?

So, I’m doing it. Even without a plane ticket yet purchased, I’m all in. I’ve already registered for the conference, and I’m flying to Nashville this October.

And I think you should join me.

Storyline: The Invitation

I love adventure. As an introvert, I love solo adventures, but I especially love adventures with others. Other dreamers.

To my blog followers, new and old: I would love it if you joined me at Storyline too! Think about it or be semi-spontaneous like me and come if you have nothing happening on October 12 and 13 (and honestly, the only thing happening in mid-October is Walmart’s big Christmas christening).

COME TO STORYLINE WITH ME AND LET’S HANG OUT. There’s a $25 minimum purchase, with greater incentives the more you’re willing to pay. If you live in the Southeast especially, it’s too good a deal to pass up. A deal that could very well alter your life forever.

If I can fly across the country to attend Storyline, you can definitely make it!

Whether we’re friends, family, or total strangers, I’d love to connect with you in Nashville this October. It’s gonna be an awesome weekend of figuring out our dreams together and unwinding the curled journey of our lives. Our stories.

Gosh I can’t wait.

Will you join me at Storyline? I’ll even autograph your digital copy of Struggle Central on your computer/iPhone/tablet! Or, like, on a tissue/napkin or something.

  • Rebecka

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Storyline, and I’d love to go someday. I’d have to fly across the Atlantic, though, so I can’t make a commitment today. But I’d probably be worth it just to get your autograph on a napkin!

  • MLYaksh

    I remember checking out your link back a few months ago when your pontification began- definitely interested. Sadly, it’s on a Sunday in October- a hard day for me to get away from work at a church. But perhaps now that I have a general idea of where I’m actually going to be, I can make it happen… We shall see…