Wandering Wednesday #13 – Palm Springs, CA

Every now and then, I tend to wander. It’s kind of my thing. And sometimes I tote a camcorder along for the ride. It’s also kind of my thing.

Recently, I wandered to Palm Springs, California — a resort town in the middle of southern California’s hot dusty desert. I’d been to Palm Springs once before — last spring, just before Eastward Ho — and now, I made a return trek.

From Marilyn Monroe to Kathy Griffin to Windmills of Glory, I hope y’all enjoy this lucky thirteenth installment of Wandering Wednesday!

Question: Are you pro-windmills or anti-windmills? What about Kathy Griffin? (For the record, I LOVE BOTH.)

  • Rebecka

    This is a really boring answer, but I have no strong feelings towards either windmills or Kathy Griffin. Windmills are huge up close though, a lot bigger than you think. I wonder if Kathy Griffin is too?

    • TMZ

      I highly recommend windmills and Kathy Griffin. In that order.

  • MLYaksh

    Windmills- good. They make me think of Don Quixote which always makes me chuckle.
    Kathy Griffin- no real feelings. She can be funny.
    Your facial hair- I approve. Looks good, man.
    Thus are my thoughts…

    • TMZ

      Thanks man!