Wandering Wednesday #14 – Bolsa Chica, CA


This particular kind of video adventure has been a long time coming. For a while, I kinda lost the “spirit” of Wandering Wednesday. Back when this creative concept was instated in 2011, I envisioned many spontaneous drives to the coast, mountains, city, and desert alike. Seeing new sights and hearing new sounds, adding more colors to my wandering palette.

And then I started wandering places I’d already ventured.

But this is a good old fashioned Wandering Wednesday. At the start of the day, I anticipated driving to Seal Beach, CA — a beach city I’ve only ever driven through and never stopped to “see.”

Instead, I somehow wound up at Bolsa Chica Nature Preserve, and well…

…let the wandering begin.

How many times have you said “Bolsa Chica” since watching the video? Have you ever journaled by a fracker? And have you ever ventured somewhere you didn’t anticipate seeing at the start of the day? Tell me a story!

  • MLYaksh

    Favorite moment: you laughing at your own pun about “wandering”.
    Every time you said “fracker” or a derivative thereof, I could only think of “Battlestar Galactica” and how that was their made up cuss word.

    And I said “Bolsa Chica” to myself about six times before even watching the video. What a name. Oddest name of a place I’ve been to is “Honea Path” in South Carolina. Oh, and “North” in South Carolina. That state just has odd names for everything…

    • TMZ

      Really? My favorite moment was saying “Bolsa Chica.” The 6th time.

  • Rebecka

    When I lived in England it happened a few times that I went out for a walk, went down a road I didn’t know and ended up in the next town or in the middle of nowhere. Always found my way back home though (after a few hours). Good times.

    • TMZ

      I wonder if there are any nature preserves with a name like “Bolsa Chica” in England…