The Weekend WOW: Summer Bliss

I know, I know. You haven’t been WOW’d in, like, years. Well, allow me to fix that. At long last, it’s time for another installment of The Weekend WOW — a compilation of my very favorite things from Internetdom over the last week-ishness.

Note: These things may very well change your life!

Or not. One of those is guaranteed.

Here’s what’s WOW-ing me so far this summer:

WOW what a TV show: It’s called WHODUNNIT? and it’s a mystery-reality show akin to The Mole (RIP). It’s a murder mystery party on steroids, and it’s basically better than anything else on TV this summer. In just the last episode, a mountain lion “mauled” a contestant in the kitchen and another contestant cried over this person’s “life.” In a word, this reality show TRANSCENDS. Just TRANSCENDS. Transcends EVERYTHING. Please watch this show with me and let’s transcend reality together. You can follow my #WHODUNNIT tweets @thomasmarkz.

WOW what a tweet: You know Scar from The Lion King, right? Well, did you know Scar tweets? It’s true. Apparently he has this borderline-personal grudge thing against Mufasa…

WOW what a new song: Hillsong has released their latest live creation, Glorious Ruins. Naturally, my favorite song on the album is sung by the one and only Matty Crocker (is that any surprise?). This song is called “To Be Like You,” and I really think you should give it a listen. I fell in love from the first guitar strums.

WOW what an article: Finally, this amazing article from Christianity Magazine entitled “A Different Kind of Coming Out.” The title pretty much speaks for itself in light of my own “different kind of coming out” via my recent pivotal blog post and of course, my book. It’s a fantastic article that gives much needed voice to the “coming out” story you don’t hear too often: homosexual or gay or “post-gay” Christians — whatever you want to label us — revealing their sexualities yet placing their identities in Christ before their attractions.

That the three individuals in this article are all pastors gives piercing voice to another breed of story altogether. There are so many awesome quotes in this article, and I might very well blog about it soon. It’s that good, and I promise it’ll be worth your 15 minutes.

For now, though, I’ll leave you with this one quote I resonate with so very much as a same-sex attracted Christian:

One of society’s mistakes is the belief that intimacy equals sex, and therefore the Bible is asking us to pass up intimate relationships and lead sad, lonely lives instead. It’s not true. The Bible sees friendship as an amazingly intimate relationship. I have a greater capacity for deep relationships with many people than my married friends do.

Good stuff, indeed. Check it out.

That’s all for this weekend! I hope you’re all sufficiently WOW’d now.

Please: tell me what’s WOW-ing you this summer. And then watch WHODUNNIT?

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