How Well Can You Read?

So, I’m currently gallivanting about the Southeast. As you read this, I’ve just had the BEST time of my life at the Storyline Conference in Nashville, and now I’m kicking it back home in Georgia for a few days.

I mean, I’m sure the conference was great. I’m actually writing this post from the past week in California, but it had to have been awesome.

(Unless I awkwardly bumped into Donald Miller and said one of these 11 things…)

Since I’m on a bit of a blogging vacation, let’s have some fun! And by “fun,” I mean I hope you guys drive today’s post more than me.

I posted a link on my Twitter a few days back, and it generated some fantastic reactions. In case you missed it, here again is that quiz from The New York Times called, “Can You Read People’s Emotions?” It’s a fun picture-quiz featuring only people’s eyes, and you have to guess what emotion the person behind the eyes is feeling.

As someone strong in empathy, I scored fairly well at 29/36. If you’ve taken the quiz, comment your results and what you thought about the quiz! Highest score wins a prize.

The prize may or may not be a shout-out in a future post or tweet. TBD.

If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, give it a go and let me know how you do! I’ll be back soon enough once my wandering trek is done.

– Traveling Golden Trout

  • MLYaksh

    Looks like I tied you- 29/36! Guess I’m better at reading others’ emotions that I thought. Who knew.

    • TMZ


      • MLYaksh


  • transparentthought13


    I love people haha

    • TMZ

      Nice! You must love people at least 4 degrees more than me.

  • Rebecka

    31/36. I think I did ok…

  • Brandon Graves

    34/36, but some of those were challenging