This Is Who I Am

Hey guys. I have a confession to make:

It’s been a rough week. I’m not sure why, exactly; God’s been so good to me. I’ve been picking up considerably more hours at my new job (did I ever mention I got a new job??), and it’s honestly been fantastic. I love the atmosphere, I love the people. I love everything about this new job — rediscovering financial freedom included.

And yet, I can’t help feeling I’m missing something. Isn’t life more than jobs and paychecks and even feeling “fulfilled”? I think Ecclesiastes has a great word for such vainglory pursuits.

This lack of a life-fire has translated into ZERO blogging output this week. Until now, obviously. A couple weeks ago I was quite inspired and ready to blog it up everyday. Then Seek Week happened, and while it was certainly a refueling week, it once again threw me off my blogging rhythm.

That special week was all about IDENTITY, just as this entire year has been about IDENTITY. A couple nights ago, I started feeling my identity being attacked. My identity as a human, my identity as a Christian.

My identity as a man.

It’s been a 26-year struggle, honestly. A personal battle of highs and lows, momentary peaks and endless valleys. I often need reminding of my manhood and worth, it seems.

And then a friend happened to send me a video titled, “Who You Are: A Message to All Men.” I about cried in the coffee shop watching it unfold, as if the man in the video were sitting across from me with a Styrofoam cup-o’-joe in hand:

THIS is who you are…

I have few words left to muster tonight. Needless to say: this video met a need the other night. It still does. I’ve rewatched the thing multiple times these last few days, and I’ve started watching other videos from The Anima Series (including a “Who You Are” video for women from the same artist).

I’m digging them. A lot. They look like an awesome group of people whose purpose is to get Christian artists’ stuff out there. And it looks like they’re catching on fast.

Definitely give The Anima Series a further look on YouTube and become fans on Facebook. Additionally, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to produce a collaborative worship album featuring local artists. I sense big things unfolding here, and I’m excited to follow these guys.

In the meantime, I remind myself and you all, my precious readers:

I am awesome. This is who I am.

And this is who you are.

This is who we are.

  • Zachary

    Let the weak say “I am strong”. (Joel 4)
    It doesn’t say the weak feel strong or even want to be strong. But they say it – because it is true!

    You can do all things through Jesus our messiah who strengthens us.

    This is your identity as an adopted son.

    • TMZ

      I AM STRONG. As are you.

  • Rebecka

    It’s so easy to forget who we really are, to listen to the voices that tell us we’re not good enough… It’s good to be reminded of our true identity from time to time.

    Congratulations on the new job! 🙂

    • TMZ

      Thanks Rebecka! Be AWESOME today. 🙂

  • MLYaksh

    This video also was a massive help to me today. I know I don’t have to describe to you how I felt- because you know how you felt.
    And I loved the “Not Qualified” video from Anima. We’re showing it tonight at youth group actually. Can’t wait to watch it again many more times.

    • TMZ

      Just watched “Not Qualified” about an hour ago! How awesome that you’ll be showing it at your youth group. I’m seriously in love with Anima. They’re gonna be creating some awesome things for a long time, I’m certain.

      Glad the video could encourage you as well, brother!

  • Andy

    Man I got a lot of shivers watching that.