I promised y’all December. The perfect Christmas gift. Or stocking-stuffer. Or paperweight.

But I lied.

I lied, because the long awaited STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback is finally available TODAY!

Last I checked, Daylight Savings Time notwithstanding, it’s still November.


Here’s the miraculous link to my STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback on Amazon! I’m so excited. So, so excited. This moment has definitely been a long time coming, and it’s surreal to finally be here.

Needless to say, I would love it if you purchased a copy today. Amazon’s even joining the warm and toasty Thanksgiving festivities and taking a whole dollar off the list price.

That’s right, my STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback is just $8.99! You can’t beat that.

Well, you could, if you bought a cheaper book. But, like, it wouldn’t be the same.

Struggle Central paperback

Paperback purchases aside, I’d love it if you’d help me get the word out!

If you’re on The Twitter, you can seriously help me out by simply tweeting something positive with a link to my paperback, my username @thomasmarkz, and the hashtag #StruggleCentralPaperback.

In case you hadn’t heard, some lame emo kids started using my old #StruggleCentral hashtag whenever they had stomach aches or boyfriend problems (seriously). Hopefully, they’ll leave #StruggleCentralPaperback alone, unless they plan to publish a whole book about their tummy/romance issues.

If you’re on The Facebook, posting the link to my paperback with my tagged fan page and some of your kind words would also be so very awesome.

Starting next week, I’ll be giving away an undetermined number of (signed!) paperbacks, so I might very well be wandering to your mailbox soon! (Metaphorically.) If you’re on my email list, be on the lookout for an exciting new newsletter in the coming day or two with more details on the big giveaway to come.

Spoiler: newsletter subscribers will have an advantage to win their own free signed STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback.

So if you’re not on my free newsletter list, why not join today?

IT’S EXCITING TIMES TO BE A WANDERER, after all. I hope you’ll join the Wanderers’ Way today.

If you’re more of an ebook person, there’s more good news! Now that the STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback is an official reality, the STRUGGLE CENTRAL ebook is now just $3.99 for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and other online retailers.

Okay. I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I need to take a breath.


I love you guys. I hope you’ll keep struggling with me.

And please.

Help me spread the WORD.