The Best of TMZ: My #3 Blog Post of 2013

Hey wanderers! I’m wrapping up a holiday blogging vacation, and I’m celebrating the end of 2013 with a countdown/countup of my top 6 posts of the year.

If you’ve missed the DRAMA to this point, my #6 post of 2013 was “As Tom Daley Comes Out.” My #5 post was “Tenth Avenue North Songs: TMZ’s Top-11 Favorites.” And my #4 post of the year was “INTELLECTION: My #1 ‘Strengths Finder’ Strength.”

Now, check out my third most popular post of the year: “Brandon Heath Songs: TMZ’s Top-11 Favorites.” Assembling this list of my favorite Brandon Heath songs was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done on this blog; I’m glad it resonated with so many.

Click over for my complete list of Brandon Heath favorites, and check back tomorrow for the #2 post of 2013!

Brandon Heath and TMZ

#11 – “No Not One” (What If We)

Brandon Heath co-wrote this song with another popular Christian musical artist, Christy Nockels. She also sings a version of this song, though naturally I prefer Brandon Heath’s. SORRY, CHRISTY; I do love her too.

Favorite lyric: No simple word can match Your name, no greater fame; no not one.

#10 – “London” (What If We)

THIS JUST IN: Christian artists doesn’t have to sing about God all the time. It’s refreshing to hear an earnest Brandon Heath longing for his love in the States — while wandering about London, no less. His lyrics about the River Thames, Big Ben, Parliament, and Waterloo take me right back to my own adventures in London five years ago. Sadly, no girl for me to report wooing over though.

Favorite lyric: Where are you tonight while I stand here and cry, watching double-decker buses pass me by?

#9 – “Red Sky” (Don’t Get Comfortable)

Every time I listen to this song, I clearly see that red sky. Whether I’m outside, near a window, or not.

Favorite lyric: Sing over me an angelic symphony; tell me everything will be all right with a red sky tonight.

#8 – “Jesus in Disguise” (Blue Mountain)

One of my favorites simply for the concept. Sometimes Jesus isn’t a sermon. Sometimes Jesus isn’t a to-do list. Sometimes Jesus is that unspoken, intangible, yet undeniably genuine feeling that you are loved.

Favorite lyric: Ever feel like you’ve been somewhere before? You hold the key; you know which door.

#7 – “The Light in Me” (Leaving Eden)

Can I just say that Brandon Heath produces some of the best music videos across all genres? If I ever do a top music video countdown, this one hits the upper tier easily. I mean, sky lanterns?? Amazing. Oh, and the song is awesome too.

Favorite lyric: ‘Cause in Your perfection, I’m just a reflection. So pull me closer to You. I’ll catch like a fire, and I’ll hold You higher.

#6- “Wait and See” (What If We)

SECRET CONFESSION: I’ve cried to this song while driving and striving to uncoil my purpose on this planet. It’s just one of those songs.

Favorite lyric: Still wondering why I’m here, still wrestling with my fear, but oh, He’s up to something. And the farther on I go, I’ve seen enough to know that I’m not here for nothing. He’s up to something.

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