Fiction vs. Nonfiction: Finding My Writer’s Calling

Today I’m thrilled to be guest posting at Sandra Carey Cody’s Birth of a Novel blog. My writing career actually started with a novel upon my college graduation in 2009. Nearly five years later, that novel remains unpublished, but another (nonfictional) book took over my life in the meantime.

Here’s a snippet of my guest post, and be sure to click over for the continuation!

TMZ: Wanderer 1

I first found the light of a writer’s calling late into my freshman year of college. Though I’m unsure why the obvious took so long to realize.

After all, I’d been filling giraffe-spotted composition books with fictional creations since I was seven. I “published” a book before my tenth birthday – a handwritten story which my incredibly gracious father printed and stapled for my large family.

Additionally, I’d kept a journal since I was eleven. Written words were always my outlet, my very essence, and yet I never “discovered” my writer’s calling until college. Upon becoming a sophomore, I finally ditched the logic of a “safe degree” and declared myself an English major.

An English major who yearned to be an author. An author of fiction.

Fiction vs. Nonfiction: Writing a Novel

Upon graduating with an illustrious English degree, I immediately set to work on a novel inspired by personal events. I had no idea what else to do with my life; I was just so excited to write.

As I wrote, I posted teaser videos on Facebook, cluing friends and “fans” into my novel’s content. I kept a white “tally board” tracking my novel’s building word count. I even filmed my thrilling jump from 49,995 words to 50,000, as it happened, live.

I was something special. Or so I thought. Despite eventually amassing 80,000 words and seemingly 80,000 subsequent rounds of editing, my ambitious novel remains unpublished four years later.

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