The Weekend WOW: Nannas on a Plane Edition

Throughout any given week, I strive to share silly serious smile-inducing vulnerable simple new things on my Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the week, I condense the very best of Internetdom into a WOW-tastic blog post I call The Weekend WOW. And what a wonderful WOW-tastic week on the World Wide Web it was.

+ WOW what a silly tweet: But really. DO HIS PAINTINGS MEAN NOTHING?

+ WOW what a serious tweet: Donald Miller hits the nail on the head again. Will never forget this little nugget as I delve deeper into Memoir Land…


+ WOW what a smile-inducing video: “Nannas on a Plane.” These two older gals had never ridden on a plane before, so they decided to take on a rollercoaster first. Because, why not? Try not to cry over their awestruck wonder and friendship.

+ WOW what a vulnerable blog: Laura Coulter’s “Struggles of a Tomboy: What Should a Woman Look Like?” Laura’s amazing. Get to know her and her blog. It’ll be well worth your time.

+ WOW what a simple new song: “Unstoppable God” by Elevation Worship. Simple lyrics, simple guitars, simple setup. Simplicity goes a long way sometimes.

What fit your fancy on the Web this week? Leave me something silly or serious in the comments!