#RunningTo Week 3 in Review: Provo, Salt Lake City, Idaho

It’s time once again for my #RunningTo Week in Review! For Week 3, I ventured northward from southern Utah to Provo, Salt Lake City, and Rexburg in Idaho. Check out some of my favorite Utahn/Idahoan moments from this week of #RunningTo!

#RunningTo: Provo

BYU’s art museum sign. Artsy, right?

#RunningTo: Provo

Beginning my ascent up Provo’s “Y Mountain”!

#RunningTo: Provo

Reaching the bottom of the BYU “Y” on Y Mountain. Looks pretty Y-ey.

#RunningTo: Provo

Top o’ the Y!

#RunningTo: The UP House

I found the “UP” house in suburban Utah!

#RunningTo: UP House

The UP House is amazing because it’s totally in a regular vanilla neighborhood.

#RunningTo: Salt Lake City

My Salt Lake City hike to Donut Falls, where water flows through this magical hole in the rock!

And for a little bonus moment, I was actually interviewed just before taking my hike to Donut Falls. A couple people had slipped and fallen in the last week, including one fatality, and Fox 13 was interviewing hikers to spread awareness. You can check out the complete article here, which includes a ridiculous run-on quote from yours truly.


#RunningTo: Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City library. Rows and rows of magic.

#RunningTo: Temple Square Salt Lake City

Legends of the Mormon Temple: Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

#RunningTo: Salt Lake City

Sweet panorama atop Salt Lake that a passerby shot for me. She did good!

#RunningTo: Idaho

A fellow wanderer also pulled over the side of the freeway and took this for me. Wanderers unite!

#RunningTo: Idaho


#RunningTo: BYU Idaho

I just can’t escape BYU.

#RunningTo: BYU Idaho

BYU Idaho has this thing for taxidermy…and, well, I just love a firm handshake.

That’s all for this week’s #RunningTo Week in Review. Check back next week to see where I’ve wandered next! And for all the #RunningTo action as it happens, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

What’s your favorite stuffed animal?

  • Rebecka

    I’ve been wondering who was taking the pictures of you.
    Stuffed animals, can’t stand them! They really freak me out.

    • I’m selfie-ing when nobody’s around, but if I see a human in my presence I’m always asking them to take pictures for me! It’s a fun way to make new friends, too.

  • Clare

    I have never really enjoyed the idea of taxidermy but, since reading “Beatrice and Virgil” by Yann Martel, it just freaks me out. Toy stuffed animals are ok though. I have this little hedgehog toy that had its face ripped off by my dog. That would probably be my favourite stuffed animal. I couldn’t just throw it out after the “incident” because that would be cruel. One cannot dispose of a disabled/severely mangled toy hedgehog.