#RunningTo Week 4 in Review: Billings, Yellowstone, Saskatchewan

Hello my wanderers! It’s that time again. A chance to reflect on the wandering week that was via the magical wonders of photography.

For #RunningTo Week 4, I ventured to Big Sky Country in Montana, including a good old Montanan hike and a day trip to Yellowstone National Park. Ugh, this world is beautiful. Then, I ventured to ANOTHER COUNTRY by crossing into Canadian Saskatchewan.

Take a gander!

#RunningTo: Billings

Embracing my Philadelphian “Rocky” roots in Billings.

#RunningTo: Montana


#RunningTo: Zoo Montana

I saw a tiger in Montana! He was in a zoo. But still. A TIGER.

#RunningTo: Zoo Montana

Oh mighty big horned sheep, what is thine will??

#RunningTo: Zoo Montana

Because given the opportunity to ride a plastic turtle, you would too.

#RunningTo: Wyoming Border

Not a bad vantage point for a state crossing.

#RunningTo: Summer Solstice Snow

The first day of summer saw me atop the mountains of Wyoming with snow banks five times my height. Incredible. #RunningTo

#RunningTo: Yellowstone National Park

Me and my friend Drew about to enter into Yellowstone!

#RunningTo: Yellowstone

Yellowstone: where the bison literally RUN WILD. If these things ever get half a brain, all those tourists are done for.

#RunningTo: Yellowstone Old Faithful

Checking out the geyser more faithful than a brother.

#RunningTo: Canada border

Border crossing in the middle of a literal field that stretches in both directions for hours.

#RunningTo: Canada Border


#RunningTo: Canada Gas

No idea. Literally NO IDEA.

#RunningTo: Saskatchewan Rainbow

Rainbow during dinner on a Saskatchewan farm. That’s what it’s all about right there.

What’s your favorite zoo animal? What about your favorite word that rhymes with Saskatchewan? 

  • Rebecka

    Elephants are my favorite zoo animals. Plastic turtles, that would definitely ride, are a close second.

  • Aaron

    It was so great to meet you in person. Sorry I was so distracted, thanks for being patient with all my camp prep. Enjoy the rest of your time in Canada.

    Make sure you try poutine, Ketchup Chips, Coffee Crisp, and get yourself some real maple syrup!

    God bless!

    ~ Aaron

    • Dad

      so I have had Ketchup Chips (not bad), Coffee Crisp (really good) and real maple syrup (a shame the fake stuff tastes better). I have NO CLUE what poutine is!!!!!

      • Father, I am ~shocked~ you never tried poutine, let alone hear of it. Pretty tasty! Still need to track down some Coffee Crisp…