#RunningTo VLOG: Yellowstone National Park

#RunningTo: Yellowstone National Park

A couple weeks ago, I trekked to a true wonderland of a national park. This place was massive. I had no concept of just how huge Yellowstone was until I found myself being driven the 100+ mile loop around the entire thing.

And not a single fence in sight. The buffalo and bears and turkeys run rampant as tourists from every state stop at every other curve to capture an image of nature unhinged.

Yellowstone was definitely a highlight of my #RunningTo road trip. My friend and I started the day with a drive high above Montana and Wyoming where we encountered banks upon banks of cold white snow.

Did I mention it was the first day of summer? Indeed it was. Never thought I’d encounter snow that early into #RunningTo.

From a snowy summer solstice to that famed faithful geyser to an unexpected animal guest, my Yellowstone venture rocked. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Have you ever seen a buffalo? What about summertime snow? What about water blasting from the earth? TELL ME A STORY.