#RunningTo Week 5 in Review: Gopher Hole Museum, Canadian Rockies, Vancouver

There’s no time. NO TIME. I just have to show you guys this:

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

Just a couple dead gophers having a barbecue.

And this:

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

Just a trio of dead gophers jamming out.

And this and this and this:

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

Just a dead gopher fireman pretending to be dead.

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

Just a dead gopher minister preaching while a dead gopher sleeps and a dead naked gopher angel hovers overhead with a harp.

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

Just a dead albino gopher with satanic eyes trying to lasso a dead clown gopher.

The Gopher Hole Museum basically altered the very course of my life. I might ditch every dream I’ve ever dreamt just to volunteer in the same vicinity of a couple dozen dead/dressed gophers. I mean WOULDN’T YOU?

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

First the gopher body without the head…

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

…and now the gopher head without the body.

But guys, the Gopher Hole Museum was only the beginning of a truly momentous week. Check out some of my favorite moments from Alberta and then across the stunning Canadian Rockies to British Columbia!

#RunningTo: Lake Louise

Lake Louise: the bluest coldest most breathtaking water I’ve ever seen.

#RunningTo: Lake Louise


#RunningTo: Vancouver

Vancouver skyline taken from a pedestrian path on a bridge. Stunning city.

#RunningTo: Vancouver

Soccer in Vancouver. No big.

#RunningTo: Vancouver, BC

I rented a bike for 6 hours and rode all over Vancouver! Life-infusing doesn’t describe half of it.

#RunningTo: Vancouver, Canadian Flag

I couldn’t find an American flag on Independence Day. Close enough?

#RunningTo: Vancouver, American Flag

OK, so I did happen to find an American flag in Vancouver on Independence Day. God bless Canada.

Have you ever spent Independence Day in another country? How did you celebrate?


  • Rebecka

    Dead naked gopher angel is my favorite, it will probably give me nightmares, though!

  • Andy

    I was in Peru once for the 4th of July and celebrated it cooking smores with the other North Americans over a gas stove. Also my favorite gophers are the firefighter gophers tripping each other.

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  • MLYaksh

    Um, the gopher museum sounds like the most legit place in America. Definitely on my bucket list to visit now.

    • Um, the dead gophers are in Canada.

      • MLYaksh

        DANG IT! Why does Canada get the good stuff? They send us Beiber and then hold onto the Gopher hole museum?