#RunningTo Week 7 in Review: Seattle, Olympia, Portland

Okay. Deep breath. I will try to refrain from posting another gopher picture this time. But no promises.

Week 7 of #RunningTo rocked with a triad of phenomenal Pacific Northwest cities: Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. That last one is still a city-in-progress, so be looking forward to more Portlandia next time! It figures to be an amazing weekend here.

Check out some of my favorite moments from the wandering week that was!

#RunningTo: Seattle

So the Fremont district of Seattle has A TROLL sculpted beneath one of its bridges. Talk about a photo opp!

#RunningTo: Seattle

Just me and a bushy dinosaur in Seattle.

#RunningTo: Seattle

Just me and Lenin in Seattle . . . nothing weird about that . . .

#RunningTo: Seattle


#RunningTo: Seattle

Seattle gave me the most amazing sunset on my last night there.

#RunningTo: Pacific Coast

I drive to the Pacific coast for the first time in 7 weeks, and what do I find? HORSES. On the beach.

#RunningTo: Pacific Coast

And GET THIS: one of the horses is named Misty. Not Mitsy, but Misty. She was my spirit horse.

#RunningTo: Pacific Coast

One of my favorite Instagram pictures of the entire trip. Little seagull gonna be famous.

#RunningTo: Olympia Lakefair

Trying a fried Snickers bar at Olympia’s annual lakefair! It was actually bizarrely delicious.

#RunningTo: Olympia

With my Olympia host who also just so happens to be my grandfather’s half-sister’s son’s daughter. CRAY CRAY.

#RunningTo: Mt St Helens

Mount Saint Helens behaving herself thanks to my watchful eye. Even though I’m currently not watching her.

#RunningTo: Portland

Iconic Portland sign! Stoked to give this city a more in-depth look after a quick pass 2 years ago.

#RunningTo: Gopher Hole Museum

Three dead but dapper gophers performing a good old jamboree!!

Oh, dear, how did those gophers get in there . . .

Would you ever live near an active volcano if it looked GORGEOUS? What about an active GOPHER? Ever try a fried Snickers bar? Yay or nay?

  • Rebecka

    It depends on whether the active gopher is alive or dead. An active dead gopher would freak me out.

  • Collin

    Are you thinking of starting a gopher museum of your own or something? 😀 I actually didn’t really like the deep-fried candy bar thing… But, hey someone has to eat them!

    • I could never recreate anything as picturesque and perfect as the Gopher Hole Museum. Never in a thousand lifetimes.

      The deep-fried Snickers was oddly delicious. I’m now game to try deep-fried Oreos and all the rest of cookie/candy existence!

  • MLYaksh

    I will never complain about dead gopher picks.