10,000 Miles of #RunningTo

#RunningTo: Pacific Ocean

When I first set out across North America in June, I envisioned an ultimate journey of maybe 10,000 miles. A nice round number. And nice big number.

I had no idea I’d be hitting that nice big number just north of North Dakota with an entire eastern seaboard still awaiting my arrival. Spectacular.

Check out my grand transition to the fifth digit! Which is actually only one digit. But you’ll see.

What number do you predict for my final #RunningTo odometer count? Above/below 50,000?

  • naturgesetz

    I immediately thought of this song. Joan Baez recorded it over 50 years ago. It was on her first album, which captivated me the moment I hear it through a closed door in my college freshman dorm.

    Here’s an earlier version, by the Carter Family. Joan Baez’s melody seems to have been adapted, rather than newly composed, by Dave Gude.

    I like both versions.

    I’m guessing that you’ll finish your “running To” somewhere between 30 and 40,000 miles.

    • Thanks for the vids! Interesting prediction . . . we’ll see if you’re ultimately right!

  • Andy

    Darn… I was all excited with the “I’m Gonna Be” song reference but after looking up the lyrics I realized they say five hundred miles instead of ten thousand.