My 5 Favorite Podcasts While #RunningTo

When you embark on a massive road trip like #RunningTo, you need a solid arsenal of listening material. Music can only take you so far. Sorry, One Direction; even you can only go so far.

I’ve been devouring lots of podcasts on my long journey, both silly and serious ones alike. If you’re curious what I’m listening to after ten weeks on the road, here are my five favorite podcasts!

My Favorite Podcasts While #RunningTo

The Schnoz Cast with Bryan Allain

Humorist Bryan Allain’s podcast contains “conversations so trivial, it’s actually kinda important.” Each episode features a super serious (i.e. not at all serious) Skype call with some funny dude or dudette in Internetdom. His chats with Tyler Stanton (of Tripp & Tyler lore) are especially hilarious. It’s classic Seinfeld: the best entertainment really is the simplest.

The Relevant Podcast by Relevant Magazine

I first delved into Relevant Magazine‘s podcast after subscribing to their print magazine. The four-person cast has brilliant chemistry, and I’m usually laughing within the first minute. The podcast opens with some casual chit-chat, followed by entertainment releases and “slices” from pop culture, usually rounded out by a serious conversation with some musician, author, pastor, or other noteworthy figure. Inside jokes develop over time, so the longer you stick with the Relevant Podcast the more you enjoy the special community of it.

Reality LA Podcast with Tim Chaddick

Oh, Tim Chaddick. I would listen to this guy even if I hadn’t lived in the LA area these last four years. I visited Chaddick’s church, Reality LA, a couple times in the last year and fell in love with the place. Tim has that lethal combination of down-to-earth hilarity and humble vulnerability. I’m always gripped by his stories, and he makes my long drives feel a little less long.

Your Move with Andy Stanley

Andy’s cheery humor and sincerity easily make his weekly podcast among my favorites. Yes — even though he’s from Georgia. His podcasts come in easily digestible 30-minute doses, making it the perfect podcast for a short drive.

The Bad Christian Podcast

Of all the podcasts I’ve been consuming on my #RunningTo trip, Bad Christian is probably growing on me the most. The podcast is basically just like it sounds: three normal dudes talking about the crossroads of life and faith and struggle and occasionally swearing from time to time. The cast features members of the “Christian band” Emery, and their chemistry is evident from the start.

After some opening hilarious conversations, each episode features an in-depth interview with a usually controversial figure of some sort. Gay Christians, Christians-turned-atheists, and musicians of all slices have appeared on The Bad Christian Podcast, and it’s always a fascinating listen. Highly recommended for people of all faiths, denominations, or lack thereof! And for the podcast-impaired, their Bad Christian blog is also one I’m eagerly following.

But that’s just me. What am I missing? What are your favorite podcasts, both silly and serious? What’s your go-to listen on a long road trip: music, podcasts, audiobooks, or some/all of the above?

  • Rebecka

    Oh, how I laugh at the Relevant Podcast! I also like listening to the Popcast. When driving though, I prefer listening to music.

  • The StoryMen podcast is all I usually listen to. It’s a mixture of comedy, serious discussions and faith. They have a lot of writers as guest and I always find those really interesting. It also holds a lot of great discussion about faith and what that looks like.They take some time off in the summer, but any of their back episodes are always a good listen!

    I will have to check out the ones you mentioned!

    And as I’m always a passenger on road trips, it usually a book or music for me!

    • I’ll have to check out StoryMen! Always looking for a fresh new listen.

  • Kirin Pandit

    Rob Cesternino’s podcast “Rob Has a Podcast” is one of my fav ones for Reality TV! Specifically during Survivor season, I love hearing his insight and he has so many different past contestants who come on to give their thoughts. Jessica Frey helps a lot with it, and I fangirl every time he mentions her name because it makes me feel like I know a celebrity! =P

    • I’ve listened to a few of Rob’s podcasts during Survivor season. Will have to fire it back up again for Blood/Water in the fall! And that’s awesome about Jessica Frey. I’VE MET HER.