#RunningTo VLOG: Crater Lake National Park

#RunningTo: Crater Lake, OR

No words to describe the beauty of Crater Lake. A top-3 gorgeous locale of this trip, by far.

Hello my wanderers! It’s time for another video-blog — or “vlog,” as the hippity hoppity youth they call it.

This one’s a quickie but (in my opinion) a goodie. It comes from my DAY 55 trek to Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon. I’m sure I must have “heard of” Crater Lake prior to this #RunningTo road trip, but I couldn’t have told you what Crater Lake was or even where Crater Lake resided on a map.

A week or so prior, one of my hosts recommended my stopping there en route to California. A few days later I mentioned the existence of “some big lake” to another one of my Oregonian hosts, to which she promptly responded: “Uh, you mean Crater Lake? Yes. You definitely need to stop there. What’s wrong with you?”

Okay, so maybe she didn’t say that last part, but she really encouraged my visiting Crater Lake. So, I did. I didn’t research a thing about the place, and as you’ll see in the video, sometimes that’s totally the way to go — both on road trips and in life.

Hope you enjoy my journey to the coolest lake in the universe!

Ever been to Crater Lake? What’s the prettiest body of water you’ve ever seen?

  • Rebecka

    I want to go to there!

  • transparentthought13

    Definitely a beautiful spot! The Lord has created some really amazing places for us to enjoy 😀