#RunningTo Week 11 in Review: Colorado Springs & Denver

Hello my wanderers! I’ve lost track of which time zone I’m in with all my gallivanting of late, but I’ll get to that in a moment. First, it’s time to recap the wandering week that was — Week 11 of #RunningTo, featuring stops in Colorado Springs and Denver.

Colorado is such a gorgeous state. I mean, the western part of it is. The eastern part is basically Nebraska. But it can’t get much better than the Rockies! I experienced those blessed peaks in Montana and western Canada, and it’s been awesome catching them in their native Colorado.

Enjoy this compilation of my favorite moments of the past week, and stay tuned for the plot twist to come!

#RunningTo: Garden of the Gods, CO

Inside a state park called Garden of the Gods as one of my hosts and his 10-month-old boy look on. Father & son & the world.

#RunningTo: Garden of the Gods, CO

This place was called “Balanced Rock.” One stiff breeze and I’d have been done for.

#RunningTo: Colorado Springs, CO

My host family in Colorado Springs! Went to high school with one of them. (It’s the one immediately to my right with the dead-eye stare.)

#RunningTo: Denver Wedding

My friend Andrew got married! What an awesome occasion to reunite in the Mile High City after our drive to Vancouver a month ago.

#RunningTo: Denver, CO

Andrew’s mom, Judy, whose Albertan tree was painted yellow by YOURS TRULY. Another joyous reunion.

#RunningTo: Denver Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheatre: I felt like Simba and Rafiki weren’t too far off.

#RunningTo: Denver, CO

Welcome to Denver, where big blue bears stare into your office building.

#RunningTo: Denver, CO

Welcome to Denver, where skinny Goliathesque aliens dance in the parks and I try to match them.

#RunningTo: Ft. Lauderdale

Every good story needs a good plot twist. This trip included . . .

I’ll be back next time to reveal why exactly I flew to Florida (#FlyingTo), but in the meantime: what’s your favorite quirky monument? Big blue bear, dancing aliens, what else is out there?

  • Andy

    Gotta say, the Big Blue Bear (Triple B?) was pretty awesome. Also I love the Garden of the Gods. It’s such a pretty place up there.