#RunningTo Week 13 in Review: Brandon & Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hello my wanderers! This past week was Lucky 13 as I returned to the Frozen Tundra, the Great White North. My first trek through Canada was nothing short of amazing, and the second was just as memorable.

Check out my favorite moments from the wandering week that was, including stops in Brandon and Winnipeg. As you’ll soon see, food was a critical component of this particular leg. It’s #RunningTo / #Canada2, eh!

#RunningTo: Canada

Sat at this railroad crossing for 30 minutes, so I figured why not take a sweet pic?

#RunningTo: Tim Hortons

Literally went to Tim Hortons 30 minutes after hitting Brandon. How sweet that Oreo donut was.

#RunningTo: Kraft Dinner

It’s not mac & cheese. It’s KRAFT DINNER in Canada.

#RunningTo: Ketchup Chips

Apparently ketchup chips are a thing in Canada.

#RunningTo: Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp bars are LEGIT.

#RunningTo: Souris, MB

Born to run.

#RunningTo: Souris, MB

Because Canada.

#RunningTo: Canadian Pacific

All aboard!

#RunningTo: Buffalo

Comparing beards with a buffalo.

#RunningTo: Clear Lake, MB

Sunset at Clear Lake! Not too shabby, Manitobey.

#RunningTo: Brandon, AB

Bye bye, Brandon.

#RunningTo: Winnipeg, MB

Day trip to Winnipeg!

#RunningTo: The Forks, MB

Apparently the Olympics came to Winnipeg? I don’t know. Whatever. Torch. Yay.

#RunningTo: The Forks, MB

“The Forks”: where two rivers meet in Winnipeg.

#RunningTo: The Forks, MB

Sweet map of The Forks, engraved into stone.

#RunningTo: Gift Basket

My wonderful hosts in Winnipeg left me this gift basket on my bed. Stay tuned for the blog recap to come!

Ever ride a moose? Touch a buffalo beard? What about eating blissful donuts at Tim Hortons?