#RunningTo Week 9 in Review: Return to California!

Last week’s #RunningTo Week in Review was an Oregonian Extravaganza. This week, it’s my long awaited return to the Sunshine State.

Wait, is California the Sunshine State or is that Florida?

If California isn’t officially the Sunshine State, it needs to be. I’m certainly not in the mild/cloudy Pacific Northwest anymore! I’ve already experienced multiple 100-degree days in this last week of my Californian reunion.

I missed you too, California, but could you let up just a tad?

San Francisco, Monterey, driving along Big Sur, and ultimately a return to LA. Enjoy these favorite Californian images from the wandering week that was, and stay tuned for more momentous moments as my mammoth journey continues!

#RunningTo: San Francisco

Cannot get over how big and beautiful this bridge is.

#RunningTo: San Francisco

Never saw this pier by the bridge until my most recent wandering to SF. This seagull agrees: epic vantage point.

#RunningTo: Monterey

One of my favorite shots of my trip thus far! Good thing I didn’t kill myself in the process.

#RunningTo: Pebble Beach

Apparently this “lone cyprus” is a famous spot at Pebble Beach? I dunno, but COOL TREE yeah?

#RunningTo: Sea Otter

Found a sea otter reclining in the water and rubbing his eyes! Died and went to heaven.

#RunningTo: Big Sur

About to embark on a highway wonderland . . .

#RunningTo: Big Sur

One of my favorite vantage points along Big Sur. All about the epic bridges.

#RunningTo: Big Sur

Putting the “big” in Big Sur.

#RunningTo: Big Sur

Just me and a rock and the Mighty Pacific.

#RunningTo: Big Sur

SEA ELEPHANTS. Funniest weirdest scariest animals.

#RunningTo: Burbank

Back in LA. Cray-zee.

What’s the most beautiful drive you’ve ever taken? Ever return somewhere you once called home? How’d you feel? Because I feel all kinds of emotions right now . . .

  • Rebecka

    Does it count if I wasn’t the one driving? If it does, the Scottish Highlands or the Austrian Alps. Both incredibly beautiful places.
    I’ve lived in England twice, and both times moved back home to my parents. I felt all kinds of emotions too.

  • Logan81

    My most beautiful drive? Do I have to choose just one? The Alaskan coast was amazing, even though I was recovering from the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever experienced. Iceland is eerie and beautiful beyond belief, and the landscape can change drastically over just a few miles. Driving (and hiking) through the redwoods felt like going back in time. The first time I drove through Montana, it felt like a home I never knew I’d been longing for.

    The list goes on and on, with many places yet to come. Here’s hoping you encounter a multitude of wondrous places along your journeys as well!