#RunningTo Week 14 in Review: Watertown, South Dakota

Sometimes I visit five or six cities in a single week. My eager, restless heart likes to keep moving and exploring on this trip.

But other times, other weeks, I like to stay still. Week 14 of #RunningTo was one of those stationary weeks. I still had a blast.

This week I trekked to the booming metropolis of Watertown, South Dakota and reunited with an old high school friend and his beautiful family. We ate awesome meals together, washed my poor Mitsy, and even caught frogs! It was a solid week of recharging and reminiscing.

Check out some of my favorite moments from the wandering week that was!


#RunningTo: Watertown, SD

Watertown’s famed cowboy statue. Mount RushWHAT?

#RunningTo: Watertown, SD

Moon over Watertown.

#RunningTo: Mitsy Carwash

My old friend wanted to wash my poor disgusting car for me! He got me 4 shiny hubcaps too. He’s basically the best.

#RunningTo: Carwash

His kid sat in the dirt and watched.


He also watched an elk.

#RunningTo: Baby

And he wore a gangsta hat / train conductor uniform.

#RunningTo: Girl and Frog

His other kid caught a frog and had the time of her life.

#RunningTo: Watertown, SD

Big happy family! Even the dog is smiling.

Ever catch a frog? What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without washing your car?

  • Rebecka

    As a kid, I used to catch frogs at my grandmother’s summerhouse. I thought they were so cute that I may have squeezed and petted a few of then to death…