#RunningTo Week 21 in Review: Birmingham, Huntsville, Franklin, Nashville

Hello friends! This week’s pictures are coming a little later than usual, but that’s only because I’ve been too busy seeing all kinds of awesome stuff on the road.

And meeting awesome people, too. Some “normal” people…and some semi-famous folk, too.

From the Alabaman cities of Birmingham and Huntsville to the Tennessean towns of Franklin and Nashville, it was a memorable week that included not one but two “famous people” encounters. The best part? Both of those meetups were totally unplanned. They just happened as I went about my business, and both were beyond awesome.

There’s a lesson in that. You never know what — or who — you’ll find until you actually step out.

What a fun week. Enjoy these favorite moments from the wandering week that was!

#RunningTo: Birmingham, AL

Vulcan Tower in Birmingham. I should’ve done the Star Trek hand greeting instead.

#RunningTo: Birmingham, AL

Atop Vulcan Tower!

#RunningTo: Birmingham, AL


#RunningTo: Springville, AL

My sister and I and TURK because Mitsy needed a break.

#RunningTo: Huntsville, AL

Hiking with my incredible co-counselor from camp! “Indian Mr. Miyagi,” I called him.

#RunningTo: Huntsville, AL

BRB going to Narnia.

#RunningTo: Huntsville, AL

Lovely little find on our hike.

#RunningTo: Nashville, TN


#RunningTo: Nashville, TN

Barista Parlor: one of the coolest coffee shops I’ve ever seen.

#RunningTo: Franklin, TN

PumpkinFest with friends in Franklin!

#RunningTo: Meeting Jon Acuff

Meeting JON ACUFF at PumpkinFest. Because of course that would happen. So personable! #SIDEHUG

#RunningTo: Meeting Baylor from Survivor

Meeting Baylor from this season of Survivor! She’s a friend of my Nashville host and lived downstairs. #LOVEHER

Basically, my life will never be the same because of this past week. Tell me a story about someone (semi-)famous you’ve met!

  • Rebecka

    I once side hugged the most famous singer in Sweden. I stood in line for a really long time and then she signed my CD (yes, it was a really long time ago). The story really isn’t that exciting…

  • Kirin Pandit

    Just reading this because I’m behind on your blog oops! Nashville looks amazing, definitely somewhere I want to visit. And it’s still soooo exciting you met Baylor! Actually confession, I haven’t been keeping up with Survivor this season, I’m planning to just marathon it when I get home. Still she looks so sweet and I’m definitely going to root for her!! Last year this girl from Big Brother tweeted that she was at Minnesota’s football game, so I tweeted her back asking if she would meet some crazy fan, and she said yes and waited for me outside in the cold! So sweet <3 Love you!

    • Baylor is so sweet. She loves her fans. I about fell to the floor as she excitedly asked about my road trip. I was like…BUT YOU WERE ON SURVIVOR.

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