#RunningTo FAQ: Part 2

Five long months ago, I posted one of my favorite #RunningTo posts. It was a collection of frequently asked questions, and even though I thoroughly answered the seven most frequently asked of them all, everyone still asked them again anyway.

WHATEVER. I don’t mind repeating myself. But after all these months and thousands of accumulated miles, some more frequently asked questions have arisen.

I figured I’d take this opportunity to clear the air once more and answer this second crop of questions before you inevitably ask me any/all of these same ones tomorrow.

#RunningTo: FAQ 2

1. What’s your favorite place you’ve seen so far?

Define “favorite” and “place” and “seen,” and I can start narrowing down this most frequently asked question of them all. I need some parameters here!

My most breathtaking geographical wonder? Crater Lake, Oregon.

My most picturesque city? Vancouver, British Columbia.

My most eclectic Couchsurfing stop? That cultish Christian commune in Winnipeg.

But my favorite place? Impossible to determine. Simply impossible.

To be sure, I’ve encountered many awesome places along my 18,000-mile journey. To pick a single favorite place among dozens is CRAZY talk. Perhaps you can pick a favorite child or FroYo topping, but alas I CANNOT.

2. Are you gonna turn this trip into a book someday?

Are the Badlands bad?

3. You think you’ll finish your trip by Christmas?

Nope. I’m pretty sure #RunningTo will continue into 2015, though not too deep into the new year. Perhaps I’ll finish by January or February? I’m still uncertain on the final when of this road trip. Which brings me to the final where . . .

4. Any idea yet where you’ll wind up?

Nope! I’m just as clueless as I was at the Grand Canyon. However, I’ve started fantasizing over certain places: some unsurprising, some totally surprising.

One thing that’s grown increasingly clear the longer I’ve trekked: that California chapter is closed. The west coast at large feels like a thing of my past, a chapter turned. And while I mourn the loss of this wild, wild chapter of my life, I grow intrigued all the more over an eastward return.

I’m not exactly sure where that finish line will take me, but I know I’m getting closer. I feel like a hunting dog fast on the scent of a darting rabbit.

5. How are the finances holding up all these months later?

They’re . . . well, they’re not all that great if I’m being honest. After these many long months on the road, I’m basically back to zero.

BUT NEVER FEAR. I’ve got a master plan and it includes you, my dear wanderers. You’ll just have to wait until I reveal said plan to the masses. I’m thinking around December 1st, the six-month mark of my trip. Stay tuned!

And finally, one last question . . .

6. Are you really not shaving until the end of your trip?

Yes. That’s right. Stop asking. Please. I beg you.

At least I got a haircut.

#RunningTo: Haircut


  • Rebecka

    Yikes, how many people have asked about your beard? I’m guessing a lot!