#RunningTo Week 24 in Review: Langhorne, PA (EDEN) & Rochester, NY

I’m currently in Canada where it’s cold and snowy and I have to catch up on a million things, including this photographic recap of the past week. Let’s get it going!

I returned to Langhorne, Pennsylvania — Eden, as I like to call it. My cousin got married, and much fun and photographic opportunities were had by all. I love my family.

I then trekked northward to Rochester, New York and reunited with a Californian roommate of yesteryear. He lives there with a couple families in a gigantic homestead with chickens and turkey, and his location by the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario provided lots of picturesque moments.

We also papier-mâché’d, baked bread, and cut hair, so it was an artsy few days!

Enjoy these moments from the wandering week that was! And stay tuned for my next Canadian recap as I brave the Ontarian snowfall . . .

#RunningTo: Collegeville, PA

Wedding selfie with my sister, grandmother, and mother!

#RunningTo: Collegeville, PA

Family photobooth fun at my cousin’s wedding. I love us.

#RunningTo: Langhorne, PA

A trip to Eden is never complete without a coffee walk to 7-Eleven.

#RunningTo: Zebra-Striped Whale

Trip motto. Life motto?

#RunningTo: Langhorne, PA

My old Eden house. How I miss that attic bedroom.

#RunningTo: Finger Lakes, NY

Finger Lakes!

#RunningTo: Victor, NY

Mice > Eggs at this New York homestead.

#RunningTo: Victor, NY

Chickens! Who’s next to die / go mysteriously missing?

#RunningTo: Victor, NY

Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Dinner, respectively.

#RunningTo: Rochester, NY

Rochester building painted with my Traveling Golden Trout colors!

#RunningTo: Rochester, NY

My old roommate from California! Some random lady thought we were brothers; I can’t imagine why.

#RunningTo: Rochester, NY

Chapel in a graveyard.

#RunningTo: Rochester, NY

Frederick Douglass’s grave!

#RunningTo: Rochester, NY

Best epitaph ever?

#RunningTo: Rochester, NY

Just a pumpkin wearing a Frankenstein mask at the foot of Jack the Ripper’s grave. That’s all.

#RunningTo: Lake Ontario, NY

LAKE ONTARIO. Two Great Lakes down; three to go.

#RunningTo: Canandaigua, NY

Flocking seagulls.

#RunningTo: Canandaigua, NY

SNOWFALL. Ain’t in SoCal no mo.

#RunningTo: Canandaigua, NY

Hey kids, whatcha reading?

#RunningTo: Baking Bread

Baking bread on floury surfaces that resemble the United States.

#RunningTo: Papier Mache

The end result of a papier mache project with my old roommate. How I’d missed him.

#RunningTo: Haircut


#RunningTo: Haircut

AFTER. Onward to Canada!

What are your thoughts on slaughtering chickens and turkey for food?

  • naturgesetz

    Slaughtering chickens and turkeys for food is much better than eating them alive.

    But seriously, folks, we city people are uncomfortable with any extended thought about killing animals that aren’t threatening our lives (except insects, spiders, and other invertebrates). But there’s nothing wrong with eating them, so there’s nothing wrong with killing them, and I’m glad there are people who can do it.

  • Kirin Pandit

    I love that pic of you with the kids statue. You are such a natural tutor!

  • Patrick

    hi Tom, This is your grandmother Mayme and Ah

    Love your pics. Ahh says what are you doing in the snow? You didn’t have to go that far north to see it.

    What do I think of eating turkeys and chickens? I think they taste pretty good. I’d rather eat them than eat lizards or bugs.

    We’ll be looking for you back here in Eden. Don’t get snowbound.

    Love you,
    Mayme & Ahh

    • Oh my gosh thanks for commenting, Mayme! This made my day. Tell Ahh I’m taking care of myself, snowsuits and all.

      Love you back! See you soon.