The Best of 2014: My #2 Blog Post of the Year

To celebrate the close of 2014, I’ve been counting down my top-5 blog posts of the year. It all started with some Donald Miller empathy at #5. Then some #RunningTo foreshadowing at #4. Then some Enneagram goodness at #3.

Today, I reach the #2 post on this countdown: a post from February 14 called “The Real Reason Why I’ve Never Dated.”

Valentine’s Day is that lovely/obnoxious season of the year when you’re either reminded of the romance in your life or your distinct lack of it. It’s a polarizing day, to be sure. I saw this past Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to clear the air: namely why I’ve never been on a single date in 26+ years.

From all the comments and repeated Google searches, turns out I’m not alone.

Check out this excerpt below, or click over for the full post. And stay tuned tomorrow for my top blog post of the year!

Romantic Relationship

Photo by mikebaird, Creative Commons

I’m 26, soon to be 27, and I have never dated. This fact used to elicit great shame; at times, it still does. Looking back, however, I don’t believe I’ve ever been “ready.” Somebody in an online group recently posed a question that awakened me as to why:

“How do you know you want to be with someone, that you’re willing to have them invade your space and time?”

I’d never quite thought of romance this way. Something about the question’s phrasing really resonated. Especially that $50 verb: invade.

In 26 years, I’ve never dated for a plethora of reasons. But I now realize the primary reason is not my sexuality. At this juncture in my life, the notion of being in a romantic relationship — man or woman — simply seems so very awful.

Like an unceasing invasion upon my very existence.

You can click here for the rest of this post. And check back tomorrow on New Year’s Eve as the ball drops on my #1 post of 2014!