The Best of 2014: My #4 Blog Post of the Year

I’m currently counting down my top blog posts of the year. Yesterday, I revealed #5 on the elite list. Today, I climb the ladder to #4; after nearly seven months of this nomadic life on the road, this particular post hits me hard.

It’s a post from January 29, and it’s called “Why I’m Sad and Why I Might Run Away.”

Back before #RunningTo was even a thing, I was feeling beyond restless and despondent in California. I wanted to cry, I wanted to quit, and I wanted to run away from the chaos of it all.

Eleven months later it was a hard read, honestly. I’m just glad that a sad running away eventually turned into more of a joyful running to.

Check out the brief excerpt below, or click over for the full post. And stay tuned this week for my top 3 posts of the year!

Run Away

Photo courtesy Vincepal, Creative Commons

I don’t often “vent” on this blog. I usually reserve such emotional outpourings for my journal. Or if I’m feeling courageous enough, with a trusted individual or two.

To all who have personally suffered amid the snotty sniffling presence of a Tom-meltdown, I vigorously apologize.

In these two-plus years of blogging, I’ve often considered the “point” of my blog. Is it to be funny? Am I thatquirky writer guy?

Or am I here to be super emo? Am I that uber-vulnerable blogger who doesn’t know his boundaries?

Clearly, I’ve tended more toward the serious than the silly in recent months. Writing a book about your personal struggles will have that effect on your blog, I suppose.

My messy memoirs aren’t completely contained within a 162-page book. Indeed, in the wake of Struggle Central, I have struggled.

I am struggling. And I want to run away.

You can read the rest of this post here. And check back tomorrow for my #3 blog post of 2014!